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Mark Freisinger has been doing handyman work nearly all his life, starting with his father's patio project when he was a young teenager. Years later, he learned how to weld and was sought after by welding shops from Carlsbad, New Mexico to Colorado Springs, Colorado. But, on the side, he still was drawn to handyman projects from quick fixes to full basements, and so, one day, he called his brother, Cody in New Mexico....

Cody Freisinger also worked with their Dad on handyman projects, starting with a bathroom model at age 10 In fact, the Freisinger family rebuilt their entire house several times over with various additions and remodels. Then they got started on the neighborhood -- and enjoyed every minute of it!

...So when Cody picked up the phone and heard his brother's idea of quitting their day jobs and starting their own handyman business, he was all in and moved to Colorado Springs.

Huntsman's sudden start in the Fall of 2016 has been nearly legendary -- they were up and running with over half a dozen projects in the first month alone.

It seems that customers like straight-talking, easy going, highly skilled craftsmen who are great at solving problems and making space, not only more livable, but more enjoyable, even in on a tight budget. Who would have thought?

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